Amicus Blue

Extracorporeal Photopheresis (ECP)

The ECP protocol is an expanded indication for the Amicus Blue System, utilizing Amicus MNC collection technology and the Phelix Photoactivation Device

Phelix Photoactivation Device

Phelix Photoactivation Device

Bi-directional communication between the Amicus Separator and Phelix Device allow for easy control of the system.

The Amicus Separator’s single-use disposable kit combined with the Phelix Photoactivation Device create an online, closed system to perform photopheresis. The patient remains connected to the Amicus device throughout the procedure. After photoactivation, Amicus reinfuses the treated cells back to the patient.

Amicus Blue ECP System

The Phelix Photoactivation Device is used to provide extracorporeal photoimmunotherapy when used in conjunction with the Amicus Separator Device.

The Phelix Device promotes safety and performance utilizing multiple sensors to ensure consistent temperature, mixing and UV-A light exposure.

VIDEO: Amicus Blue in Children and Adolescents with GVHD

Dr. Volker Witt from St. Anna Kinderspital in Vienna, Austria reports on their year-long study of using the Amicus Blue ECP system for the treatment of GVHD in children.

The Amicus ECP System can be configured to perform ECP procedures if cleared by the appropriate local regulatory agencies. Amicus ECP has CE Mark approval in accordance with the Medical Device Directive for the indication of CTCL for distribution in Europe. It is not CE marked for the treatment of cGVHD. Amicus ECP is not cleared for market in the United States.

The Amicus Blue ECP System provides reliable patient safety and comfort

  • Real-time fluid balance tracking
  • Automated Custom Prime for patients that have a lower total blood volume and/or lower hematocrit
  • Low extracorporeal kit volume (163 mL)
  • The 8-MOP injection site contains a 0.2-micron antimicrobial filter creating a functionally closed pathway in the disposable kit
  • Patient saline option to administer saline by gravity to keep access lines open
  • Disposable kit sterilization using irradiation to prevent the risk of reactions related to patient exposure to residual ethylene oxide

The Amicus ECP System is CE marked for distribution in Europe. It is not cleared for market in the United States.

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Contact your local Fresenius Kabi representative to learn more about Amicus Blue.
Refer to the Amicus Separator operator's manual for the full list of warnings and cautions associated with the use of the devices.