Amicus Blue

Mononuclear Cell Collection (MNC)

High MNC collection efficiency with low platelet loss and flexible controls allow tailoring of MNC settings for targeted cell content based upon clinical need

Putting Precision Collection at Your Fingertips

Optimize Collection Efficiencies

Meeting your patients’ clinical needs is always your primary goal. The Amicus design delivers precision with the high efficiency you’ve come to expect.

Providing Safe Care for Patients and Donors

One therapeutic procedure shouldn’t result in the need for another one. Amicus keeps median platelet loss at 10%,1 so you can perform MNC procedures on patients and donors with reduced need of associated platelet transfusion.3, 4

1. FCRP-0297: Investigational Plan for the Harvesting of PBSC in G-CSF and Chemotherapy Mobilized Patients using Amicus Separator, December, 2000 and Post Hoc Analysis for FCRP-0297, March, 2014. Data on file.
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One Solution for Complete Care

Contact your local Fresenius Kabi representative to learn more about Amicus Blue.
Refer to the Amicus Separator operator's manual for the full list of warnings and cautions associated with the use of the devices.