Amicus Blue

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)

Precision therapeutic plasma exchange with the flexibility to customize procedures to your patient’s needs.

Maximize Plasma Removal Efficiency

Amicus TPE

Plasma Removal Efficiency (PRE) is the metric used to measure the amount of whole blood that must be processed to remove a targeted amount of plasma. The efficiency of a device impacts the amount of whole blood that must be processed to remove a target amount of plasma.

Balance Fluids Accurately

Amicus TPE

Keeping patients comfortable is key to the care you provide. With a real-time volume measurement approach through the use of a unique combination of weigh scales and pumps, Amicus delivers high fluid accuracy.

1. Winters JL et al. A multicenter evaluation of a new therapeutic plasma exchange procedure. Transfusion. 2013 Dec;53(12):3269-78.

Passive Column Procedure

The Amicus cell separator is able to perform TPE with Passive Column Procedures with a disposable adsorption column or column management device
attached in-line. Plasma is able to pass through the column for treatment before being returned to the patient with other blood components.2

Available in select countries

2. AMICUS Operator’s Manual, Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) Columns Supplement.

Amicus TPE

One Solution for Complete Care

Contact your local Fresenius Kabi representative to learn more about Amicus Blue.
Refer to the Amicus Separator operator's manual for the full list of warnings and cautions associated with the use of the devices.